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Let's Snort Some Lavender - Citrus & Lavender scent

Let's Snort Some Lavender - Citrus & Lavender scent

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Citrus Lavender Wood Wick Candle

"Let's Snort Some Lavender," the only candle that promises a legal high on tranquility! Crafted from luxurious coconut wax, this candle sports a crackling wooden wick that sounds like tiny applause for your excellent taste. As it burns, it sets free a euphoric fragrance cocktail - zesty bergamot, refreshing lemon, calming lavender, and grounding cedar. So, why just smell lavender when you can snort it (metaphorically, of course)? Light up our candle, kick back, and let the whimsical aroma transport you to your personal nirvana. Your nostrils will thank you, and so will your sanity.

7 ounce: 40+ hour burn. Noticeable scent release

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